Eduity job-mapping is an easy, free way to build your business better.

Eduity is mapping jobs to detail employers’ needs for now and the future. Over the next six months we hope to map thousands of jobs in and around our hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The goal is to make for employers and workers to have the right skills in the right place at the right time.

Job-mapping is an innovative, quick and easy way to forecast workforce needs—including experience, knowledge, and skills—with input from those closest to the work. Employers can securely share their job-maps with others who help develop workers and get jobs done. It’s a power tool for collaborative strategic workforce planning!

Knowing how many people are needed, with what skills, when and where, enables businesses and other organizations to:

  • Be more effective, productive, and profitable,
  • Position for stronger growth, and
  • Minimize consequences of market shifts and slowdowns.

The Eduity job-mapping tool is free for anyone to use. Eduity will map jobs of eligible small businesses, social service agencies, startup companies, and technology services for free, too.

Are you interested in job-mapping, how to do it, or how it might benefit your business? Reach out! Give us a call, send us an email, or just sign-up and try it out.

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by Greg Laudeman