Workforce is everyone who contributes labor to the economy—does jobs—by making things, helping people, directing, coordinating, or otherwise getting things done. Planning ensures everyone knows what needs to be done how, when, where, and by whom, and to track what is actually done.

Every employer should have a workforce plan. People are your most important assets, right? Plan accordingly! A workforce plan identifies work elements and requirements—now and into the future—across an organization, along with estimates for the number of people, levels of pay, contribution to customer value, and budget for payroll. These are basics of workforce demand, which allows employers to:

  • Avoid workforce problems and minimize costs for finding, hiring, on-boarding, etc. employees.
  • Be more competitive and productive because everyone knows what needs to be done, and can help get the needed capabilities.
  • Grow stronger by attracting the best talent, developing people to their fullest abilities, and focusing their efforts on customer value.

As many employees as possible should contribute to workforce planning. If you are planning for your people, shouldn’t you also plan with them? The people who know work elements and requirements best—what needs to be done and what is needed to do it—are usually those closest to it: managers, supervisors, and workers themselves.

A workforce plan simply isn’t meaningful without direct input and feedback from the people closest to the work. Their information better, more accurate, and timely. Everyone want to be heard about their jobs—this is how they earn their livings!—or at least know what’s happening and where they fit in. By knowing what needs to be done, employees are better able to do their work and help find or grow the capabilities their employers need.

Workforce planning is great for business and even better for people. Why doesn’t everyone do it? Because it can be really hard! Just making plans is hard. Getting everyone to contribute is practically impossible! This is where Eduity comes in.

Eduity is an easy-to-use, free, and powerful platform for collaborative workforce planning. Our goal is to revolutionize workforce planning so everyone—employees, employers, and the counselors, teachers, workforce developers, and others who support them—can be more capable and successful. Our role is to analyze everyone’s inputs and feedback, and generate insights that can be shared as appropriate for workforce development.

We’re building an innovative solution to a pervasive problem that impact businesses, communities, industries, and, of course, people. Would you like to help? We provide the platform. You provide the input. We make it easy. You—and all of your employees, employers, etc.—do better and make more. Help us transform workforce development for the better, and help yourself get the capabilities you need, by mapping your jobs today.

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by Greg Laudeman