Eduity Announces the First Step Toward Radically Better Workforce Planning

Free, easy-to-use tool now available for employers

Chattanooga, TN: Eduity, LLC, has launched an open alpha version of it’s job mapping software. The free online tool is an easy and powerful way for employers to plan their workforce, with their workforce’s help!

Staffing can be an uncertain, difficult, and costly process for employers—especially small and medium ones. Constant change makes it harder. How can employers plan better, more proactively and strategically?

“The key is to tap into employees’ knowledge about their jobs,” says Dr. Greg Laudeman, Eduity’s Executive Officer and Founder. As a social platform Eduity enables those closest to the work to provide input on needs and priorities. Employers can better identify critical jobs, gaps, and overlaps, and address them before they become issues.

“Our vision is for everyone to help companies develop, recognize. reward, and retain talented workers,” Dr. Laudeman noted, “as well as find and hire them.” Hiring employees is just one part of the workforce challenge. “Job mapping can save everyone a lot of time, money, and headaches,” says Dr. Laudeman, “especially as labor markets tighten and technology races forward.”

Not only can any employer—and employees—benefit from job mapping; Chambers of commerce, educational institutions, industry associations, and local governments can, too. Eduity’s upcoming beta-version will allow job maps to be combined into region or sector workforce maps that show exactly where the skills are and where they’re needed.

Eduity invites everyone to try job mapping at

Feedback on Eduity’s alpha-version will go directly into the beta-version, slated for release in late Spring of 2018.

About Equity: Equity, LLC, is an early-stage startup company based in Chattanooga, TN, that provides online software for collaborative workforce planning—so everyone can do better and make more, together—as well as talent- and technology-based development consulting services.

by Greg Laudeman