Simplifying has always been my personal challenge as a big-picture, strategic thinker. Over the years I’ve gotten good a boiling complex strategy down to simple actionable steps.

It’s more difficult to boil down the functionality of something like Eduity in which any one function depends on other functions. The trick is to think about what drives the value of each function by following the value chain to its engine. This is a lot easier when you recognize that demand drives value. Ask yourself, “Who ultimately is spending money, and what is it they value?”

For Eduity, the answer is “employers.” What employers generally value are happy customers, business certainty, and capable people. If Eduity can increase employers’ certainty about people’s capabilities that make customers happy, that’s a great value proposition.

The “ah-hah” for me was realizing that many employers' executives and managers simply don’t know what capabilities they need. Particular individuals within an organization have pieces of this knowledge, but they have no way to bring all of these little pieces of knowledge together.

With this realization I knew the simplest version of Eduity had to be a tool for mapping out jobs within organization and forecasting the number of employees needed to do the jobs. Look for the alpha-version of our job mapping tool coming soon!

by Greg Laudeman